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Rock Solid Flooring, LLC designs and installs custom natural stone, epoxy, and rubber flooring for residential and commercial use in OH, PA, and WV. We are designers and installers only, not distributors of stone and epoxy flooring products.

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Epoxy Floor Coating Systems For Indoor Use

Rock Solid’s epoxy flooring creates a beautiful, smooth surface for inside your home or business. Four times stronger than a 4-inch slab of concrete, epoxy floor coatings also excel at hiding the ugly imperfections in your concrete base, known as its profile. It is particularly useful for surfaces with constant debris such as dog kennels and auto body shops. And with multiple color options and chip sizes, the epoxy flooring system offers you a variety of looks.

Just a few of the places you may consider using epoxy flooring include:

  • Stores and show rooms
  • Dog kennels
  • Hair salons
  • Auto shops
  • Garages
  • Basements
  • Kitchens
  • Bathrooms

Epoxy Quartz, Vinylchip, and Colored Floor Coatings

Epoxy is a strong adhesive created when two elements, a softener and a hardener, are married together. When combined with either quartz/sand or vinylchip it makes a colorful, durable floor.

Quartz or Sand

Quartz provides the most durable epoxy surface. More textured and harder than vinylchip, we recommend quartz for all commercial flooring. The quartz has the look of sand and comes in multiple colors and combinations. It is also available in either a gloss or a matte finish.


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Vinyl paint chips are baked and then cut up like confetti. A variety of colors and combinations are available in 1/8 inch chips and 1/4 inch chips, the larger of which shows more flecks. Vinylchip is better for hiding spotted, cracked, distressed concrete, but isn’t as attractive or hard as quartz. Vinylchip provides a smoother surface, but can be textured for a non-skid surface. We recommend it for residential flooring.


Colored Epoxy

Color can be mixed with epoxy to provide a floor coating that is easy on the budget. Not as pretty or durable as the quartz or vinylchip, it will last much longer than just paint on concrete. It is, however, very soft which means that it gouges easily and doesn’t hide imperfections in the concrete well.

Benefits and Features of Epoxy Flooring

Unlike just painting over concrete to make it look pretty, epoxy floor coatings are permanent. Epoxy flooring allows concrete to breathe, which is critical to releasing the moisture and heat that will lift paint off in mere months.


While porous stone flooring is better for outdoor use, nothing is going to penetrate your non-porous epoxy coating. This makes it easy to clean and perfect for areas with constant debris like hair salons, dog kennels, and bathrooms.


Epoxy flooring can stand up to the heaviest of foot traffic and even large machinery.

Stain Resistant

Dirt, oil, and grease will not harm your epoxy floor.

Easy To Maintain

Epoxy flooring cleans easily with soap and water. And it doesn’t require any ongoing maintenance or recoats.

Custom Colors and Designs

Quartz and vinylchip both come in a variety of colors. They can be laid in any pattern, design, or logo which is embedded in your floor.

Learn more about Rock Solid’s custom flooring design work.

Installation Process

Depending on the amount of custom work, we can lay anywhere from 400 to 1,000 square feet a day. We generally try to reserve the summer months for outdoor work, as we can only install flooring during good weather. Winter is the perfect time for any indoor epoxy flooring project.

Step 1: Prepare the base

If you have a concrete base, we begin by sanding it down and repairing any cracks. We also apply an epoxy putty to fix any imperfections in the concrete’s profile.

Step 2: Primer

An epoxy primer is rolled on your floor to ensure that your new flooring system adheres correctly and permanently.

Step 3: Color

The quartz/sand or vinylchip is broadcasted onto the primer.

Step 4: Repeat

At least 2-3 coatings of the primer and color are necessary on most floors. More coatings are needed occasionally if the concrete’s profile is particularly bad or difficult to cover. The floor is swept between each layer to remove any extra quartz or vinylchip.

Step 5: Cure

Each layer of epoxy and color requires 8-10 hours to cure between recoats.


Rock Solid’s epoxy flooring is highly durable. It can stand up to foot and vehicle traffic, water and grease, and cleans with soap and water. It does not require any ongoing maintenance.

Be aware that epoxy floor coatings are susceptible to the integrity of the concrete base. If the substrate moves or shifts, your coating may crack as well.

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Pricing for epoxy surfaces range from $3-6 per square foot for materials and installation. Pricing varies due to location and customization work desired.

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